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Widespread Internet Outage -

Breaking news – An internet outage is taking down some of the most popular websites.

Posted by Kat Smyk on June 8th, 2021
Breaking news – An internet outage is taking down some of the most popular websites.

On Tuesday the 8th of June across the globe, websites and social media platforms have been affected - either not loading and showing an error message or not working fully.

A number of leading websites are currently not working including Reddit, Twitch, Etsy, PayPal, and more. The UK Government website, gov.uk is also down as other parts of the BBC.

Some of the affected websites displayed the message: "Error 503 Service Unavailable". Other sites are refusing to work properly or not loading some parts of the website.

The issues are coming from the result of a problem with Fastly, a cloud computing company that provide key services to many websites. Fastly are an American cloud computing services provider, that are used by some of the biggest companies all over the world.

Fastly offers services such as speeding up loading times for websites, protect them from denial-of-service cyberattacks and helping them deal with bursts of traffic in order to stay online and stable.

thegaurdian.com website down thegaurdian.com website down
ccn.com website down ccn.com website down
reddit.com website down reddit.com website down
Stackoverflow.com website down Reddit.com website down
Woman rubbing her eyes from straining them looking at her
                    screen. Stackoverflow.com website down

Fastly said that it is “currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN services”. Two further updates posted since only made clear that the company is “continuing to investigate this issue”.

More news to follow!



kat smyk