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Amazon Web Services Masterclass: DevOps with AWS CLI

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*Our AWS courses are undergoing an update - The update should be ready by 2021. Please speak to one of our course advisors for more information.

DevOps with AWS CLI

Whether you are an experienced AWS user or are just getting started with cloud computing, you know it is quite easy to get your infrastructure components deployed in the AWS cloud. But do you ever wonder how you can orchestrate and manage your AWS resources in an easy and efficient manner?

Or how do you automate the deployment and configuration of your EC2 instances, your IAM users, your elastic load balancers, and numerous other AWS components services that your applications rely on? If so, then this Amazon Web Services Masterclass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface course is for you!

Acquire these skills and be a part of this cloud computing revolution!

In this course, you will find real actionable information and education in exchange for your time and willingness to learn – all at a fraction of the cost you will be able to demand as a cloud engineer or consultant. Be highly sought after and take your career to the next level!

What is Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)?

AWS CLI is a comprehensive and essential toolset provided by AWS which helps software engineers, IT and operations teams and DevOps engineers manage their cloud services and resources. It is a command line interface tool which facilitates automation by using scripting to operationalize your AWS resources from the command window or terminal.

If you are serious about automating your AWS based cloud infrastructure – then using the AWS CLI toolset in conjunction with bash scripting is the only way to go. And when any startup or technology company is looking to implement DevOps practices to automate their cloud infrastructure – they are willing to pay big money for cloud engineers and consultants to help them manage their cloud infrastructure. In fact, the hourly rates cloud engineers are easily few hundred dollars an hour., and the demand for these skills is just exploding!

Why should I do the AWS Masterclass course?

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms in the world. AWS Training helps you build and validate your skills so that you can get more out of the cloud. 

Taking this course will help save a ton of time and headaches when setting up development environments, as well as the fact that it works on most major platforms!  

The AWS Services Masterclass : DevOps with AWS CLI is the perfect course if you want to go into a career as a Software/IT Architect, an IT Administrator, a Technology Leader, a Software Engineer, and many more careers.

What are the main objectives of this course?

You will learn about –

  • Various commands available in the CLI

  • Apply DevOps practises

  • Automate your AWS cloud infrastructure

  • Manage IAM objects

All the content is available to you to learn anytime, anywhere – at home or on the go.

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What is included?

The AWS Intermediate course features expert lectures, where you learn on-demand from top instructors that are industry subject matter experts!  

Also included are review quizzes, PowerPoint visuals, demonstrations, workbooks (and mobile access so you can learn on your computer, laptop, or phone!)  

Once you have completed a training series, you can take a Final Series exam which is designed to test your knowledge on all the material trained within a series of courses.  

Upon completion you receive a certificate that you can print or save digitally.

Learn anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.

  • Learn about various commands available in the CLI to manage your AWS cloud resources

  • Learn how to apply DevOps practices and automate your AWS cloud infrastructure

  • Learning how to launch and manage new EC2 instances with AWS CLI commands

  • Learning how to manage IAM objects with AWS CLI commands

  • Learn how to manage various AWS services like EC2, IAM, ELB etc

  • Learn how to use AWS CLI commands in conjunction with shell scripting

  • Learning how to launch and manage new ELB instances with AWS CLI commands

  • Software and IT architects

  • Software and network engineers

  • IT administrators

  • Tech Founders and Co-Founders (Technical or Non-Technical)

  • Technology Leader

  • Saves a ton of time and headaches when setting up development environments.

  • Easily move an application across environments or servers.

  • Removes issues such as “well, it worked on my machine!”.

  • Makes developing with teams a much more pleasant experience.

  • Works on most major platforms.

  • Has amazing support on most cloud hosting providers.

  • Docker as a company is well funded and moving forward quickly.

Why choose Robust IT?

  • We are Microsoft Gold Partners

  • We are a Pearson Vue testing centre so you can sit your exams directly with us. This means exams are not booked via a third party, which is the case with more than 80% of other training providers

  • We are an ELCAS training provider and also supply training to many blue-chip companies

  • All our trainers and support staff are UK based and fully certified, with many years of experience training and providing support at all ability levels

  • We provide better, more flexible support than any other IT training company in the UK. For example, if you are having difficulties with any parts of the courses, you can come into our office and talk to our support or training staff. Or, if you prefer you can have one-to-one support online, via phone or in a classroom

  • When you pass your exam, you will receive official certifications, giving you the best opportunity to prepare for your chosen career

  • We have an in-house recruitment team that will support you in your job search whether you have worked in the IT industry before or not. Not just CV formatting, but your online presence including LinkedIn, interview techniques and helping place you in a role that’s right for you

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