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Official Microsoft Courses

Microsoft courses

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Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

When you pass your first qualifying MCP exam, you automatically become a Microsoft Certified Professional and gain access to MCP benefits. You also join a community of millions of MCPs, with thousands more joining every month. After you become an MCP, you are on your way to distinguishing yourself through expert certifications including Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).

MCP-qualifying exams include all the exams required in the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), MCSE, and MCSD certifications. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams do not qualify for MCP certification.

We have Microsoft Courses such as – SQL Server, Server, Programming, Azure, Desktop. We have different levels of courses available e.g MTA, MCSA, MCSE.


There is an extremely high demand today for IT professionals, with skills in the cloud, networking, and security. Certifications can distinguish you from other IT professionals and improve your opportunities to find a new career / role or advance in your current position.

Official Microsoft certifications are recognised worldwide as being some of the best qualifications in the industry to have and are highly regarded by businesses globally. They are extremely valuable, and demonstrate that you are proficient in the specific, real-world skills that are associated with recognised industry positions. It also verifies that you know how to apply your technical knowledge to solve today’s business challenges

Who are they suitable for?

If you have any skills such as customer service, problem solving or generally like helping others you will be a good fit for the course. If you are deciding to work in I.T you are required to be able to communicate clearly. Having the ability to think quick on your feet can give you the edge solving issues efficiently and quickly. If you are someone that is methodological and has a meticulous eye, then this could be right for you.

What job roles will it lead to?

There are a variety of roles that our Microsoft Courses can lead to, ranging from –

  • Desktop Support Specialist

  • Systems Engineer

  • Support Technician

  • Consultant

  • Analyst

Have a look at our individual Microsoft Course pages to find out more.

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Why choose Robust IT?

  • We are Microsoft Gold Partners

  • We are a Pearson Vue testing centre so you can sit your exams directly with us. This means exams are not booked via a third party, which is the case with more than 80% of other training providers

  • We are an ELCAS training provider and also supply training to many blue-chip companies

  • All our trainers and support staff are UK based and fully certified, with many years of experience training and providing support at all ability levels

  • We provide better, more flexible support than any other IT training company in the UK. For example, if you are having difficulties with any parts of the courses, you can come into our office and talk to our support or training staff. Or, if you prefer you can have one-to-one support online, via phone or in a classroom

  • When you pass your exam, you will receive official certifications, giving you the best opportunity to prepare for your chosen career

  • We have an in-house recruitment team that will support you in your job search whether you have worked in the IT industry before or not. Not just CV formatting, but your online presence including LinkedIn, interview techniques and helping place you in a role that’s right for you

How long will it take me to complete?

The courses take different amounts of time to complete depending on which course you take. They can take between 40-80 hours depending.

How will I prepare for the exams?

We include mock and the official exams in this package to ensure you are adequately prepared and maximise your chances of securing the required 70% pass rates. However, if you fail an exam, we will arrange a 1:1 session with you to ensure you have everything needed to retake with success.

What happens when I complete the course?

Once you have gained your certifications, we start the recruitment process for you. With our support, you can be confident that you will land your first job quickly and easily.


We only sell courses with official exams.

What is the average salary for Microsoft jobs?

You can expect to earn between £27,500 and £80,000 - averaging at £50,000 p.a.

Salary will vary depending on the position and company that you are working at.





On average people with Microsoft certifications earn £50,000 a year!

Data supplied via cwjobs

Microsoft Courses

SQL Server

SQL is a powerful special purpose programming language that works to ensure a number of the modern technologies that we rely on today run consistently and smoothly. This language type is designed to manage...

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A server is a system (software and suitable computer hardware) that responds to requests across a computer network to provide, or help to provide, a network service. Servers can be run on a dedicated computer...

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Programming is a process that begins with the conception of a new program and runs all the way through to the final release of an .exe file; programmers identify computer problems or needs and go through the creation ...

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First launched in 2010 as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure provides over 600 cloud computing services for functions such as web and mobile apps, analytics, storage, networking and more. Microsoft is continually...

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Desktop Support is one of the most common terms when talking about 1st/2nd/3rd line support technicians and encompasses a number of troubleshooting and support methodologies that will allow learners to appropriately ...

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Microsoft has certification paths for many technical job roles, and each of these certifications consists of passing a series of exams to earn certification. You will get an industry-leading worldwide recognised Certification, and have your...

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MTA certifications are a great place to start if you would like to get into the technology field. MTA certifications address a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts, assess and validate core technical knowledge, and enhance...

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MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) is a certification program intended for people who seek entry-level jobs in an IT (information technology) environment. MCSA is a prerequisite for more advanced Microsoft certifications...

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An MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is someone who has passed exams about the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, related desktop systems, networking, and Microsoft's BackOffice server products...

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