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Six Sigma - Black Belt


IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification). IASSC is the only independent certification body within the Lean Six Sigma community. They dedicate their time and effort to growing and enhancing the standard of Lean Six Sigma by providing training and examination accreditation worldwide.

A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt has a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma Method including a high-level of competence in the subject matters contained within the phases of Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) as defined by the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge™. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt understands how to implement, perform, interpret and apply Lean Six Sigma at an advanced level of proficiency.

You will learn on our course; How to improve a business, demonstrate the help various businesses can get from Six Sigma, understand and identify the more common implementation issues, understand customer significance and importance in all business sectors, how to analyse data correctly to make the right decisions, how to train others in Six Sigma, impact on permanent problem resolutions, a full understanding of Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques and show how a business can be structured using DMAIC.

Benefits of training with us

  • Intuitive and rewarding online training resources

  • 24/7 access to our unique course materials

  • Custom built practical tasks and challenges

  • Official mock examinations to fully prepare you for any final exams

  • Career advice and CV support once training has been completed

  • Full printable course materials, allowing you take your learning offline at your own convenience

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What are the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Modules?

This Six Sigma Training course covers:

The Define Phase

Projects are defined, elements of waste are identified and wrapped up and action items are defined, and the management decisions required to move the project forward are established.

  • Understanding Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma Fundamentals

  • Selecting Projects

  • Elements of Waste

  • Wrap Up and Action Items Measure
The Measure Phase

Discover existing processes and apply analytical techniques to define an operational baseline and calculate the potential capability of each. You will also be shown how to collate this information from multiple sources to make informed project decisions.

  • Welcome to Measure

  • Process Discovery

  • Six Sigma Statistics Measure

  • Measurement System Analysis

  • Process Capability

  • Wrap Up and Action Items
The Analyse Phase

Use statistical analysis and hypothesis testing to model how processes may be improved and the potential value of each improvement. You will also learn advanced techniques like X Sifting and testing normal and non-normal data, before defining and actioning items.

  • Welcome to Analyse

  • X Sifting

  • Inferential Statistics Analyse

  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

  • Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part 1

  • Hypothesis Testing Normal Data Part 2

  • Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part 1

  • Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data Part 2

  • Wrap Up and Action Items
The Improve Phase

Takes modelling and experimentation to the next level, helping you identify the changes that will deliver the greatest business benefits. The Black Belt level course also introduces you to advanced concepts including full factorial and fractional experiments for in-depth process modelling.

  • Welcome to Analyse

  • X Sifting

  • Designing Experiments

  • Experimental Methods

  • Full Factorial Experiments

  • Fractional Factorial Experiments

  • Wrap Up and Action Items
The Control Phase

Monitor changes made and record any deviations from the predicted benefits, allowing for immediate remedial action. As a Black Belt delegate, you will cover Lean, Defect, Statistical Process and Six Sigma controls to better manage the process.

  • Welcome to Control

  • Advanced Experiments

  • Advanced Capability

  • Lean Controls

  • Defect Controls

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Six Sigma Control Plans

  • Wrap Up and Action Items Examination

Official IASSC exam included, please find exam info below:

  • Online Proctored Exam

  • Multiple Choice 150 questions

  • 30 Multiple-choice

  • 70% pass mark (minimum of 580/750 points)

  • Closed Book exam

  • 4 hours duration

The Six Sigma Black Belt online training is best suited to Project Managers, Project Team Members, Process Improvement Consultants, Third-party Project Managers and professionals looking to re-skill or change career for a role managing a process improvement project. If you're already in a project management role and need a qualification that demonstrates your abilities, then this Six Sigma Black Belt online training could be the perfect course for you.

Once you have completed Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and passed the exam, you will open up a variety of job opportunities, such as:

  • Project Manager

  • Process Improvement Manager

  • Lead Analyst

  • Business Process Manager

  • Senior Project Manager

  • + More

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